Set work : 'Grace'

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Recording of Grace

The basic recording of Grace took place at Bearsville Studios in Woodstock. Jeff Buckley was a perfectionist and wanted to 'tweak' aspects of the recording he added vocal and guitar overdubs in other studios It took Jeff Buckley and his band 19 takes to get the basic track down.

*overdubs: the use of a multi-track recording device to layer recorded partsThe line-up for the song Grace is

  • Matt Johnson: drums
  • Mick Grondahl: bass
  • Gary Lucas: guitar
  • Jeff Buckley: guitar and vocals

Structure of the song

When you listen to Grace the structure seems quite complicated at first; but when you break it down into its component parts you see it's just a clever arrangement of several quite simple ideas. Basically Grace is in 4 main sections and each section is then subdivided into smaller subsections

  • Intro - Verse 1 - Pre-chorus - Chorus -
  • Link - Verse 2 - Pre-chorus - Chorus
  • Middle 8
  • Link - Verse 3 - Outro
Russell Meyers,
Jul 13, 2011, 6:19 AM